West Native Jewelry Shoot

I’m excited to share my first ever blog of an amazing shoot with a group of strong creative women. 

I knew of Sheva, the creative warrioress behind West Native, years before actually meeting her.  We had some mutual friends and I’d done a couple of shoots in which her jewelry was used. However, it wasn’t until we both had babies and ended up living in the same neighborhood that we became friends and creative collaborators.  I shot her 2017 Lookbook and was so impressed by her organization and vision and the fluidity with which we pulled the shoot off that I was really excited to work with her again.

(A few of the final 2017 West Native Lookbook)

It wasn’t long before we got together again and began to plan our second shoot.  This time featuring a few new pieces along with those we had shot before.  During the lookbook shoot I was conscious of making sure that the jewelry was prominent in the shot with each piece in sharp focus.  Our second shoot was only to be used for internet promotion and so we were able to get a little more creative and in doing so shoot wide open. We got lucky when shooting in the trees when the sprinklers came on unexpectedly and we were suddenly shooting Brooke Shields on set of The Blue Lagoon. It was pretty magical. 

Shots from our shoot featured above with the amazing work of Emiko Smith as MUA and Hayley McCune our gorgeous model.

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