Polly Antonia Barrowman

An Explorer, a Scientist and a Photographer, all of which help her see the world

Polly's work has been curated into Black Box Gallery's Snapshot Aesthetic, Summertime and Portrait: A Picture Show exhibitions, LIghtbox Gallery's Plastic Fantastic exhibition as well as having been published in The Independent, Rolling stone, Daily Candy, VICE, Nau Nua Art Magazine, Blur Magazine and F-Stop Magazine and The Picture Professional.

Most recently Polly's clients have included composer Ted Reedy, composer Sarah Schachner and composer David Carbonara. Lookbooks for West Native and Mollie Cutler and shoots for 20/20 Magazine, WoodCat Coffee Shop, Territory League professional wrestling organization and Pepe Aguilar's La Reina del Mariachi. Polly is also available for weddings and family photography.  

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