Shu and Andy in Joshua Tree

I was so excited when Shu and Andy asked me to take their maternity shots and even more so when we settled on Joshua Tree as the location.  Unfortunately a couple of weeks prior to the shoot Shu was placed on bed rest and it started to look like we were going to have to pull off an in home maternity shoot, centered around her bed. Luckily for me they decided to make the drive. Shu would be reclining in the car for three hours and we would keep it easy, no hiking or climbing allowed.

I had aimed to arrive for magic hour but we got there a little early and decided to start shooting in the full sun.  I’m not a huge fan of harsh highlights and shadows, but the winter sun added a little softness and the shots were gorgeous.

As the sun got lower the light got softer, the mountains turned purple and gold and it was pure magic.  I also managed to shoot a roll of 120mm on our old Hasselblad before it got too dark and once again fell in love with film.

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