Bedouine at the Ace

I have a few friends who shoot music; big bands, enormous music venues and tours and all the popular music festivals.  I don’t think I ever really understood the appeal, being someone who would rather sit on the couch for an hour or two in the evening, sip a glass of wine and go to bed early lamenting the social life I had prior to baby.  When Bedouine asked me to shoot her show at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA, I thought that perhaps I had made a mistake in accepting, I would literally be leaving the house to go shoot right when I would normally be putting on pajamas.

Long story short, I got myself out of the house, navigated the dtla traffic and parking and found myself in the most beautiful Spanish-Gothic style theatre, bustling with people.  I had been warned that the low light could make it challenging to shoot and as someone who tends to prefer shooting in controlled studio settings I was a little concerned about the high ISO.

                         … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .

It has been almost one year since I began writing this blog and just two weeks shy of one year since I posted my last blog.  It turns out that I’m really really bad at this.  Since I no longer remember the intricacies of this shoot, enjoy these photos of Bedouine opening for Real Estate at the Ace Hotel in Down Town LA without any more boring commentary from me.


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