I tend not to brag unless I’m so very excited about something that I can’t help it.  If you follow me on social media, or note how long it took me to start writing blog posts you will know that I’m just not that good at it.  This time is different though, this time I’ll put it right out there front and center.  A photo from a shoot that I shot was published in Vogue! A totally unexpected lifelong goal box check.

I’ve been photographing musician Azniv Korkejian of Bedouine for several years and together we’ve made some really beautiful photographs.  When she came to me a couple of weeks ago she had a very clear idea that she wanted to shoot against beautiful hanging materials and sent me inspiration shots from Carl Van Vechten, a portrait photographer from the 30’s and 40’s who shot the likes of Billie Holiday. So last weekend we teamed up with stylist Anjelica Armstrong and made magic happen…

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